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Pete's daughter is a gardener and - after much persuasion - Mum has reluctantly accepted her as her gardener once a fortnight (basically she cuts the large lawn and then looks round for other useful stuff she can do, as Mum won't plan the hard/heavy stuff to leave for her to do).

She was there yesterday, and I talked to Mum on the phone last night. Apparently they were both saying that it is a shame I do not live closer (hello, I'm only 30 miles away!) then they could see more of me.

Neither of them get that I need to live my own life and being tied to their apron strings is NOT what I need. Since Pete died I have gradually made less effort to spend time with 'old friends' because the reality is that I make the effort but don't get any of what I need in return.

There is a family that my family have been friends with since before either couple got married, their daughter moved to Oregon (from London). I envy her that distance, although I don't envy the 2 month long visit by her Mum that she gets instead!

OK, off to Mum's to have the will to live sucked out of me again...
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Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone online for your companionship, wherever/however we actually talk to each other - it means a great deal to me.

If you are in a really good mood come back to read under the cut later, or I will spoil it for you! )
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What I'm doing with my weekend )
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Note to self #1: If your tool is pointed, check that it isn't attached to a sharp blade as well.
Note to self #2: Don't hide the stock of butterfly stitches.

I'd swear the blood is never that colour on the telly!

Also the injury itself never seems to hurt at the time (O.K. hammer vs thumb is probably the major exception), but then there is plenty of time for it to throb at leisure, to come...

Now sporting a 1/4" slice into the tip of my thumb - you could see from the damage to the nail just how far it had gone, until I strapped it together with a butterfly stitch and then added the tape that the stitches are made of for good measure.

One of these days I'll learn...

Haven't injured myself in a while - guess it goes to show that I haven't been doing much!
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So, the master class in reasons why not to get old continues. )
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Follow the link... )

Happy New Year!
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Well she's been located. )
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It's never a good sign... )

Update )
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Do many people really like Christmas? )
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Saw the play 'War Horse' at the theatre last night. )
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So once again with my time off I've disappeared too much into the world of fanfic. )
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So how stupid are these people? )
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As I live around 15 miles from Heathrow I am finding an unexpected benefit from the closure of the airport. The noise of the planes doesn't really bother me and I rather like seeing them overhead. I am close enough to see them taking off, and lining up to land. Recently we seem to be where they turn to line up for the airport - I can even tell which runway is in use by where the planes are if I bother to think about it - and I have been woken by the sound of them turning overhead in the mornings. None of that now. Complete - almost eery - silence. It does seem strange not seeing the big jets flying overhead, and no con-trails either.

Who'd have thought a little old volcano would shut down most of Europe's air-space in this day and age...
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Finally... )


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