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Stress - caused by resisting the urge to beat the living daylights out of one who richly deserves it

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Birthdate:Nov 5
This is the bit I am not good at!
I live in the UK and seem to spend my entire life (when I'm not on holiday!) within 15 miles of Heathrow Airport.
By trade I am an electronic engineer and more specifically a draghtsman. I'm currently not working and spending most of my time running around after 3 2 very elderly relatives and a very demanding cycling club, which makes it hard to look for real work at the moment.

I have been a lurker in the NCIS fandom for a couple of years now and am in awe of the many excellent writers here, and a little daunted by the 'club' atmosphere because so many of you seem to know each other well. My pairings are Gibbs/Abby, Gibbs/DiNozzo and Gibbs/Abby/DiNozzo, and I have written a couple of fics which I will get posted here soon (when I can stop reading and do something!) I made an attempt at using a single moniker all over the place by signing up on FFnet as bluefirebird and also the NCIS Fanfiction Archive, and was promply scuppered because bluefirebird was already taken by someone else on here and is not me!!!! *sigh* is now me :)

I'm now into the world of Twitter and if you find yourself being stalked by kprclc, that's me (again, bluefirebird was long gone...)

I have had a long-standing significant other, with whom I spend about half the week who died in September 2011, and a fat, elderly moggie who deigns to allow me to live in my own flat! the cat, too, died in July 2012.

Domino came into my life on Valentines Day 2013, he's a 4yr old male cat left behind when one of my ex-workmates sold up and moved abroad (leaving Dom was the hardest part for him).

Dom is gorgeous, but he's also a menace - he's the most active cat I've ever known, bites me on a regular basis and is the biggest wuss I have ever come across, he wants to go out but only has the confidence to do so if I go out with him!

Right now I'm not entirely sure why I get up in the morning...
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