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Fuck, that was bittersweet.

All my life the GB squad have been nothing in the pro cycling peloton, every year at the Worlds the established nations control the race and fight for the spoils while we look back through the results and see where all the British riders climbed off. The British have only ever had the World Champion once - Tommy Simpson in 1965.

Some years ago when the Italians had the best sprinter in the world, the best National sprint train in the world delivered him to an almost predictable win - unbelievable that it came off because it was predicted. (Having the ability, you also have to overcome the combined efforts of all the other nations to prevent that win).

This year we have a bunch of strong and tactically intelligent riders, the strongest the British have ever had and a sprinter - arguably the current best in the world - to deliver to the line for the win.

The race was exciting, one of the most exciting that I can remember, almost all the British team were there right to the end and Mark Cavendish is now the World Champion for Great Britain.

Pete would have loved it. He should have been sitting there on the edge of the seat with me, as we both bit our nails, unable to believe that we could have pulled it off, and cheering when Mark crossed that line ahead of everyone.

Me? I'm delighted but I'm sitting here in floods of tears...


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