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2014-04-08 12:20 pm
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What other people think

Pete's daughter is a gardener and - after much persuasion - Mum has reluctantly accepted her as her gardener once a fortnight (basically she cuts the large lawn and then looks round for other useful stuff she can do, as Mum won't plan the hard/heavy stuff to leave for her to do).

She was there yesterday, and I talked to Mum on the phone last night. Apparently they were both saying that it is a shame I do not live closer (hello, I'm only 30 miles away!) then they could see more of me.

Neither of them get that I need to live my own life and being tied to their apron strings is NOT what I need. Since Pete died I have gradually made less effort to spend time with 'old friends' because the reality is that I make the effort but don't get any of what I need in return.

There is a family that my family have been friends with since before either couple got married, their daughter moved to Oregon (from London). I envy her that distance, although I don't envy the 2 month long visit by her Mum that she gets instead!

OK, off to Mum's to have the will to live sucked out of me again...
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2014-04-02 12:46 pm
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, [ profile] finlaure

Hope you have a wonderful day even if life is testing you at the moment.
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2014-01-05 11:25 am
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Domino the demolition man

OK, Domino has a softish, warm blanket on the coffee table right next to my laptop - to the point that he frequently dozes with his head on my arm whilst I am typing.

Why then does he have to sit on the other side of the laptop - in around 6" of space - and proceed to knock off the coffee table everything that has been put on that side so that it is out of his way? Arrgghhh!

Actually there is virtually nowhere in the flat that is safely "out of his way" for any of my possessions. He reaches up and pulls things off surfaces, or sits on them (where there's space) and pushes things off the surface (did I mention the half full mug of coffee that he pushed off the coffee table and into my lap the other week?)
He climbs up to reach up to stuff that is higher up.

If he doesn't deliberately knock/push things to the floor with his paws, he thwacks things with his tail or just his generally body weight - he is not good at "stealthy" by any means.

Still I suppose at least it is quiet for a couple of minutes, earlier while I was trying to type he was in his favorite spot outside the lounge/kitchen doors crying pitifully for my attention - a favorite trick in fact - when I go to see what he wants he dashes into the kitchen - paws skittering on the slippery floor like a cartoon - proceeds to tear my rubber mat to pieces and expects me to stroke him within an inch of his life...

Then there's the sitting on top of a box or pile of paperwork and tearing at it with his teeth...
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2014-01-04 04:02 pm
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Fic Index

This journal is Friends only, but the fic should be open to all (if it's not I've screwed the permissions up, so please let me know.)

All my stories are NCIS

Fate ~600 words/oneshot. T - Ep tag.
Summary: My take on Gibbs' thoughts at the end of Borderland.
Never Assume ~3700 words/4 chapters. M - Written for Kuromigrrl in the 2010 Secret Santa at the Gabby Forum
Summary: Who'da thought Gibbs would be jealous of Fornell.
Succor ~6000 words/4 chapters. M - Starts as an Ep tag, not much plot!
Summary: It's Gibbs' comfort that Abby needs, but what about the man himself? Post-ep tag to 10x02 'Recovery'.
Teasing Tony ~2100 words/oneshot. T - Written for quietsleeper in the 2011 Secret Santa at the Gabby Forum
Summary: Abby has a new man, does Gibbs have a new woman?
Changling ~2500 words/oneshot. M - Written for [ profile] halloween_tibbs 2012. (My first completed/published Gibbs/Tony fic)
Summary: Tony’s unwillingness to mention that he’s hurt himself again could prove life-changing.

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2014-01-04 02:52 pm

Fic: Teasing Tony

Author: bluefirebird
Title: Teasing Tony (honest, it is Gibbs/Abby)
Rating: PG-13 (I think)
Category: Romance, Humor, Intrigue
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby – and Tony gatecrashed!
Words: ~2100
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Abby has a new man, does Gibbs have a new woman?
Prompt: "I don't remember when I first felt like this, but all I know is ....."/ Holding hands (as in the action) - For quietsleeper
Date: December 2011
(And why is it that what ends up on paper is nothing like how you visualised it along the way?)

Teasing Tony )

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2013-12-31 07:15 pm
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End of the Year

Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone online for your companionship, wherever/however we actually talk to each other - it means a great deal to me.

If you are in a really good mood come back to read under the cut later, or I will spoil it for you! )
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2013-11-07 04:02 pm
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Finally! A meme that I can answer...: TV Meme

swiped from [ profile] finlaure and I could have added more than 3 extra shows... ;)

- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full season on tape, DVD, or blu ray. *** have whole series
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order)

Long list behind the cut... )

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2013-02-25 04:12 pm
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Domino: Again

Well it looks like Domino likes my company: he's found his own back-route up on to my desk and is currently perched (somewhat precariously) on the pile of junk, keyboards and papers on my desk next to my laptop!
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2013-02-20 08:41 pm


So, it turns out that my place is an adventure playground for inquisitive kittens, but one that doesn't entirely pass a health and safety inspection for a 'heavy' kitteh - too many piles of things balanced on top of each other...

On a side note, he's not doing a bad job of dusting for me!

I'll be a lot happier when he dives into his food bowl with gusto though. He's eating a little, but otherwise is on a pretty good crash diet.

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2012-12-24 09:38 pm
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support throughout the year

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2012-10-28 08:20 pm

Marshmallow Fluff...

...will be the death of me.

That is all.

Marshmallow Fluff

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2012-10-27 10:26 pm

Proposed LJ changes *sigh*

I don't know how much - if any - good it will do, but there is a poll on LJ usage here.

Originally posted by [ profile] hinky_hippo at Proposed LJ changes *sigh*
Originally posted by [ profile] hawk_soaring at Proposed LJ changes *sigh*
Originally posted by [ profile] bluespirit_star at Proposed LJ changes *sigh*
Thanks to [ profile] nakeisha for the heads-up on this.

I don't usually mind when LJ makes changes (some have been good, others not so much, but there's normally a work around or I just get used to it) but this idea of introducing a Tumblr style format to the flist page has made me feel the need to speak up (& go over & leave a comment.)

I can't get along with Tumblr for some reason (it just doesn't work visually for me) & I really don't want to have it imposed on me.  It's fine if it's offered as an option for folk who do want it, but I'd like to make that choice myself.
Let's hope enough people comment (politely & rationally) & our voices can be heard.

Originally posted by [ profile] agentxpndble at Yeah, this one is bad...

Please speak up at the places suggested below...

Originally posted by [ profile] twissie at LiveJournal

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2012-10-08 08:26 pm

Fic: Succor 1/4

Title: Succor (1/4)
Author: BlueFireBird
Rating: T (for this part moving to M for the entire story)
Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Word Count: ~1300 (this part)
Status: In Progress
Category: Comfort
Spoilers: 10x02 'Recovery'
Summary: It’s Gibbs’ comfort that Abby needs, but what about the man himself? Post-ep tag to 10x02 'Recovery'.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the DVDs. Copyright acknowledged to the respective holders. Thanks to all involved in the production of the TV series for the inspiration.

He knew better, he really did... )