Jan. 5th, 2014

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OK, Domino has a softish, warm blanket on the coffee table right next to my laptop - to the point that he frequently dozes with his head on my arm whilst I am typing.

Why then does he have to sit on the other side of the laptop - in around 6" of space - and proceed to knock off the coffee table everything that has been put on that side so that it is out of his way? Arrgghhh!

Actually there is virtually nowhere in the flat that is safely "out of his way" for any of my possessions. He reaches up and pulls things off surfaces, or sits on them (where there's space) and pushes things off the surface (did I mention the half full mug of coffee that he pushed off the coffee table and into my lap the other week?)
He climbs up to reach up to stuff that is higher up.

If he doesn't deliberately knock/push things to the floor with his paws, he thwacks things with his tail or just his generally body weight - he is not good at "stealthy" by any means.

Still I suppose at least it is quiet for a couple of minutes, earlier while I was trying to type he was in his favorite spot outside the lounge/kitchen doors crying pitifully for my attention - a favorite trick in fact - when I go to see what he wants he dashes into the kitchen - paws skittering on the slippery floor like a cartoon - proceeds to tear my rubber mat to pieces and expects me to stroke him within an inch of his life...

Then there's the sitting on top of a box or pile of paperwork and tearing at it with his teeth...


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